Cookie information

A cookie is a small piece of text transferred to the browser from the site you visited. It helps the site remember information about you, for example, what language you prefer to view it. This will be useful the next time you visit the same site. Thanks to cookies, browsing sites becomes much more convenient.

Cookies are used for many purposes. For example, they allow you to save SafeSearch settings, display useful advertisements, count the number of page visits and protect user data.

What cookies do we use?

The cookies we use allow us to recognize those who visit the website repeatedly, so they don’t need to enter a username and password each time.

Change cookie settings

Some users prefer to block cookies, so most modern browsers provide the ability to manage them. In some browsers, you can configure the rules for working with cookies for each of the sites separately, which allows you to more accurately manage privacy. For example, you can disable the acceptance of cookies from all sites except those that you trust.

What happens when cookies are disabled?

In the case of a ban on saving or deleting cookies, the user can not go to his page.