Murs - Good Music (1999)

24hrs. W/A G


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Song lyrics Murs - 24hrs. W/A G

(Intro] [Grover and MURS)
[Grover] It is my good friend, MURS
[MURS] Aw, shit. What's up fool? How you feelin'?
[G] Oh I am just fine my good friend MURS
And what are you doing with yourself on this bright and sunny day?
[M] Man, I'm just tryin' to do this new song with Kaos and Thes
[G] That sounds like a splendid thing to do
[M] Man, we havin' a little trouble though
[G] Awww, trouble? Wh-what is the trouble?
[M] Well, well shit. We ain't got the motherfucker to sing in the chorus
I ain't got nobody to do that shit. What? Hey fool do this shit for me c'mon
[G] Well, it would be no trouble at all

(Chorus] [Grover)
La la la la
La la
La la la la
La la

(Verse One] [MURS)
Woke about noon, gave thanks
Choose to be amongst the ranks, of the breathin'
Which enhances my chances
Of leavin' behind a mark I set 24 hours ago
The day devoured slow
Whoever calls me first, basically, decide, how that shit is gonna flow
Maybe it's the crew callin' me to hit the studio
To make some new songs, or a show we gotta do
Then there's option number two
My niggas down the block
Callin' me to hit the spot
For the 64 session
Playin' Bond, bullets flying, niggas lettin' off aggression
Talkin' shit, gettin' drunk, smokin' weed, sittin' in front of the TV
Yeah that's cool
But there's always option number three
Which could be a female
And that's when we males tend to sell out
Just the thought of gettin' some pussy
Could change the whole route
But I gotta do that new Legend's song without a doubt
And I ain't seen my niggas on the Dell since the tour let out
But for sho' I wanna see what this girl is talkin' bout
But before I figure any of this shit out
I gotta get some cash
Plus mom let a note for me to take out the trash
And first and foremost a nigga gotta wash his ass
Then proceed to get dressed
While I'm sortin' through this mess
Thinkin' I can't hit all three, but I can probably hit two
"Tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do" - KRS-One

(Verse Two)
Now this is how I handle the day
First call the homie Jay down at B-Boy Kingdom to see
How many new tapes he needed me to bring in
He said, "Shoot a dub"
So I called a girl, I had met at the club
Told her to come swoop me so I can get these ends
After that drop me off on the block
Told her she could have the afternoon, to kick it with her friends
That night she get with me
So before she left I made sure when I paged her
She knew where to be
Everything seems to be movin' right on course
So I strolled to the spot and said what's up to the little homies
Kickin' it on the porch
Strolled in the house talkin' shit
Niggas quickly picked up the sticks
Ready to get sprayed
We played pistols in the basement
Of the Facility, with hand grenades
Oh shit, there go my ride
I walked outside, that fool Tom
Fulled up, just in time
Cause fools is talkin' about playin' some proximity mines
So we hopped in the Buick
Headed to the studio so we can do this new music
And when we get there as usual
Everybody else was late
Into the recording booth and I used hella takes
So we didn't leave the lab until some minutes after eight
Thought it might be too late
To hit that dip older than me
But I paged her anyway
And in fifteen minutes, she was at where I told her to be
She knew no disrespect was intended
Plus this girl knew, that I came, highly recommended
And on top of that she got to peep the new Legends tracks while she was gettin' blended
Hit her off somethin' tight
So she dropped me off at the crib, sometime about midnight
A full days work

(Grover and MURS talking)
[Grover] And we'll see you later
[MURS] Aye, where's Grover at?
Tell that nigga to quit smokin' that beadie and come here and do his overdubs
Tell him he's on track two, track two
What the fuck you mean you gotta hurry up and get back to the hood nigga?!
Come in here and do yo shit! Hit that shit right here. Aye, do this

Aye Grover can you come here and get these drums?

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