Ying Yang Twins - Alley: The Return Of The Ying Yang Twins (2002)



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Song lyrics Ying Yang Twins - Alley

Nigga, we be alley
My nigga, we alley
Nigga, we be alley
My nigga, we alley

Tell a nigga don't act no fool
What's up 'cause? Stay cool
Smoke some mary jane, you know the rules
Haters puttin' salt in the game
Wanna keep a thug out the drug house
But you know the drill... a fro, polo
And a nigga in the club smokin' dubs
Like a tru center thug
The big boy Willie Grill
Smoke swisher sweets, don't miss a beat
If a nigga feelin' froggy leap
We ballin, shot-callin
Ho's holla'n, try to follow
When a nigga ain't ballin, sheesh
Still pullin on the hair
On my ching-ching weigher
Ho we can head to the spot in Decatur
(??) Smoke optimos, and try to cop the ho's
(?) Can't stop my (?)
Killa a bitch, kill a bitch, soon to buss
Ain't to many niggas that can fuck wit' us
Y'all niggas think you can fuck wit' us
Some of y'all niggas gon' miss the bus
See playa we dangerous, stay (??)
Cock-block that fo'-fifth,
Switch your hands like (??)
Man then kick over to
Nigga can't see me with a birds-eye view
So you betta back up, back up
'Fore a nigga straight have to act up, act up
Stand in this thang wit' the mac up, mac up
... 10 then because

My nigga, we alley
Nigga, we alley
My nigga, we alley
Nigga, we alley

(Mr. Ball)
We some alley muh'fuckas from the ATL, Georgia boys
We came to bring the noise, and we got them tonka toys (boom boom boom)
Niggas be bitin like jaws, nigga back the fuck off my balls
If you got some beef wit' me, then I got some beef wit' y'all
Now ooh lawd, them boys on the map again
Who they be? Mr. Ball and them Ying-Yang Twins
And when you down for yours, my nigga, I'm down for mine
Now don't make me have to say this shit one more time
Now back up, I know you don't want some muthafucka to act up
I thank you need to put your muthafuckin ?gack? up
Before you get dealt with
Fuckin' around and get yourself hit
Off some fuckin' bullshit
'Cause we some country-ass Georgia niggas, I told ya nigga
We done and we done showed ya nigga, it's on my nigga
Doin' this shit one more 'gain
I thank this time I'ma get a lil' more money to spend

My nigga, we alley
Nigga, we be alley
My nigga, we alley
Nigga, we be alley


(Moans 'n' groans)

Ah, we some alley muthafuckas, shawty ya didn't know
Niggas is entertainin when they hit the front door
Nigga be like whoa, stop, control
But he was poppin' off, so I'ma hit him in his nose
Throwin' them 'bows, ColliPark know it explodes
Have a nigga feelin' crunchy, smellin like toes
Ya know we had it from Georgia to Cali'
Doin' shows from Virginia to that Cakilaki
Ask if are we lackin? Nothin', see we packin
4-5 glocks, .9 spray milli-tec and no actin', I'm blastin
I make my money ?threashin?
The foes see the gold and they don't wanna respect him
Maybe I can't help it, the way that I act
Handle your part thug, give him a heart-attack
Beatin' ass in the back, slammin' upon a track
Ying-Yang in this thang, ColliPark runnin' thangs

My nigga, we alley
Nigga, we be alley
My nigga, we alley
Nigga, we be alley

Now what's on your mind, if you got something to say
Then say that shit, don't hold that shit
Bitin your tongue, because your boys ain't here
Who you roll with, 'cause that's bullshit
You'll get your ass kicked fuckin' wit' real thugs
Playahatin you gets no love
Run and get your boys if you thinkin' you're hard
If you know like I know, then your ass wont start...
With some crazy muh'fuckas tote gats too
Crazy muthafuckas that'll blast you
Crazy muthafuckas don't give a shit
What? Y'all niggas don't know who y'all fuckin' with
We T-H-U-G-G-E-D O-U-T
We'll F-U-C-K yo' ass up with that heat

Mutha-mutha-muthafuckas always talkin' shit
Sixty-five niggas you can suck my dick
We Ying-Yang and it ain't no thang
Sheisty muthafucka put it down on they brain
We real, some tru-city thug shit
The essence of a thug, they don't like a nigga in public
With two glocks, I represent 2pac, the block is too hot
They want a fool out the neighborhood (why)
Straight hard to fuck with, know he slangin hard
Niggas is paranoid, all I know we raw (raw)
All I know we raw (raw)
All I know we raw (raw)
All I know we raw (raw)
All I know we raw (raw)
All I know we raw (raw)
All I know we raw (raw)
We youngin's nigga

My nigga, we alley
Nigga, we be alley
My nigga, we alley
Nigga, we be alley

My nigga

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