Tigerman Woah! - Up South Vol. I (2012)



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I come home every night my fingers cut up with steel
Ain't right I gotta bleed to get my meals
Well I made some bad decisions, I ain't gonna lie
And the choices got left, ain't worth a try
Whoa! I shoulda been a banker
Whoa! Shoulda been a banker
Stead I gotta live check to check
Bustin' my ass and breakin' my neck
Was always fine with getting by, but
Times are harder so I'm getting high
Hell if I need a fancy career
9 bucks an hour is enough for beer
But, oh! I coulda been a banker
Whoa! I coulda been a banker
Those motherfuckers ain't smarter than me,
Lyin', cheatin', stealin' comes natural to me, but
'Stead of robbing trains and selling shine
These banker thieves took what's yours and mine so
Round up the pitch forks, and the torches and
Stomp those bastards out like cock-a-roaches!
Whoa! Go and warn the bankers
Whoa! Turnin' on the bankers
Well the whole world wants to blow 'em to kingdom come'
Spose they was born just to die by our guns!
Whoa! Go on and bag you banker
Whoa! Got me a ten pointed banker
What's that noise
Coming out my trunk?
Just a banker y'all... don't make a fuss

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  • Tigerman Woah! - Banker

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