Ying Yang Twins - U.S.A. (United State Of Atlanta) (2005)

Bedroom Boom


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Song lyrics Ying Yang Twins - Bedroom Boom

Listen baby, sometimes I know I be playin' but set aside the bullshit, I'ma grown ass man
What's to understand that I love to fuck, Can I hit it from the back or put ya ass in a buck?
Screamin Shawty what's up (sup), are we fuckin' are what (what), We ain't got nothin' to discuss I'm simply tryin' to bust nuts
The temperatures risin', We reachin' the bed, Ya eyes begin to roll in the back of ya head

Bangin' Headboards, The loud noise, The sound of you screamin
Turn me on 'cause it sound like you singin'
Sayin' my name constantly (constantly), Sayin' daddy keep fuckin' me (fuckin' me)
Get it how you want it long as you keep lovin' me (lovin' me)
Put ya thing down
Boom the bedroom do it right (uh)
And it jus might be a long night, All right
Now be Quiet (yeah) you don't want them to hear us outside
Let me get on bottom while you ride

Bedroom Boom, (That's what's goin' down tonight)
Bedroom Boom, (Let me do ya body right)
My bed will be boomin' for you... (boom boom, boom boom)
Bedroom boom, (All between the sheets baby)
Bedroom boom, (I wanna drive you crazy)
My bed will be boomin for you (ooh oh)

It feels like heaven when were off in this room together
I Can hear the music playin', then I hear ya voice sayin'
"Oh daddy now jus give it to me right there." "Oh baby, Take a handfull of my hair"
'Cause you like it rough (rough) can't get enough (nough)
'Cause I'm the type of nigga that's gon fill you up, like a cup
And make this love thing overflow
I won't stop until ya body's tellin' me so
Sheets gettin' sticky from the strawberries and whipped cream
If these walls could talk they would say this is one hell of a scene
Now you movin ya body jus like a gymnist
From the bed to the dresser, All type a' crazy shit
Faces tellin' me stories, Body's hot and so horny
Hittin it from the rear, Wanna wisper somethin' in yo ear. "I'm gonna love you all night... I promise"

Bedroom boom, (Bedroom boom)
Bedroom boom, (I can hear it baby)
My bed will be boomin' for you, (We'll be Fuckin' all night, yesssss)
Bedroom boom, (Hittin yo body)
Bedroom boom, (Like boom boom boom)
My bed will be boomin' for you, (My bed will be shakin', till the screws come loose, while I'm off in it)

Boom goes the bedroom, Behind closed doors, And the bedroom depends on how far things go
You move slow, I move fast when you off in that ass, But you hittin' that mothafucker like every time yo last
Spread yo legs like a bald eagle, Work that back, Move like a snake when you do dat dat
Now be quiet, You don't want them to hear us outside
Let me get on bottom while you ride

You hotter than an eye stove, (Yeah) Temptation got ya outta control, (Mmm Hmmm), You tremblin' like you
Out in the cold, You screamin' you can't take it no more. Beat the pussy so bad we done fell on the flo
(Can you believe it?) Throw our clothes in the kitchen and in the garage. All this love is waitin for you
Like I'm El' DeBarge. See my dick stay hard. (Oh) And its gon stay cocked. (Yes) If a bitch fuck wit me she
Gettin' her cherry popped

Bedroom boom, (This is serious business, Baby)
Bedroom boom, (What goes on in this room, So amazing)
My bed will be boomin' for you, (It makes me wanna say Boom! boom! Booooom)
Bedroom boom, Bedroom boom, (Stay right there, down there)
My bed will be boomin' for you (I can feel it, and it feels amzing)

Boom Boom, Boom Boom

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  • Ying Yang Twins - Bedroom Boom

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