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Song lyrics Murs - Breakthrough

What do we do baby

Yeah. I just want to announce right now
That I am the realest rapper in the whole world
'Cause I got my momma in here with me.

(Verse One)
New face of America
You fools lack character
The first dude to pick up the mic and embarrass ya
Bare facts
I'm tearing up tracks
Ya game ain't there homie
Just lay back
Kick up your feet
And watch the world rock to this new beat
I'm talkin' bout peace
I'm talkin' bout change
Ain't talkin' bout beef
Ain't talkin' bout chains
I represent the streets from whence I came
Never been a loser
Don't need no gangs
Don't need no guns
I take these drums
And make the darkest day of your life seem fun
Lovin' life
I plug in mics
And show the mainstream that these thugs ain't tight
I'm twice the man that these boys will never be
MURS 3:16
Legendary MC

(MURS Speaking)
I've been around man and I'm gonna be around till I'm gonna be around
So when you see me around, respect me

What do we do baby?
And if you just breakthrough
And you must breakthrough
And you must breakthrough
And you must breakthrough
And you must breakthrough
And if you just breakthrough
And you must breakthrough
And you must breakthrough
And you must breakthrough
And you must breakthrough

(Verse Two)
Man the truth will set you free just give it a try
You ain't truly livin' if you livin' a lie
Man I swear to God
There ain't never been a rapper on the earth this hard
I love my momma
Stay away from the drama
Try to work my way through it if I ever had a problem
I say my prayers to the man upstairs
And if G's go to Heaven then I gotta be there

(MURS Speaking)
Look. Rest in peace Derick Martin. 45. Tamiko. I'ma see you when I get there

(Verse Three)
I'm in love right now and it feels so good
To find a girl like mom and you wish you could...
Say I'm so soft
Say I ain't hood
Say it to my face, man I wish you would
And I'm smilin' in the press
Got all this money and you lookin' so depressed
Angry and mad
Man, I'm happy as hell
Might get a job if this record don't sell

(MURS speaking)
What? Burger King? McDonalds? Better yet, Best Buy or Target
At least I'll get a discount

(Verse Four)
Oh well, I'll be employee of the month
You'll never see your boy on the tube with gold fronts
That ain't me
It never was
You gotta do you and let it do what it does
I'ma be happy
Fame won't trap me
Catch me doin' this for the money then slap me
There's more to life
I'm better than that
I'm trying to lift you up instead of settin' you, settin' you back (echos)

(MURS Speaking)
It's good game man. I wouldn't tell you nothing that wasn't good for you though
That wasn't going to help you grow.

This is MURS and 9th Wonder signin' off
And you know we do it, we do, we do it realistic
So, it's his wife and my momma and my girlfriend and we goin' home
That's it. No party, no after party, no Crystal, no hoes
Just me and my morano, goin' home

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