Ying Yang Twins - Chemically Imbalanced (2006)

Collard Greens


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Song lyrics Ying Yang Twins - Collard Greens

Mary mary, My mary, my mary mary, my mary, my mary, my mary

Collard greens, we need some muthafuckin collard greens (yes indeed!)
Collard greens, we need some muthafuckin collard greens (no sticks, no seeds!)
Collard greens, we need some muthafuckin collard greens (in my weed!)
Collard greens, we need some muthafuckin collard greens

Burn one, smoke some
Who got tha blunts, blazin' one
Lift it in ya hand, then raise 'em up, light 'em up, take a puff
Inhale, exhale, what's that smell, can't you tell
Talkin' bout that god damn herbal tea, puffin on damn marijuana trees
What's wrong with these, real G's, goin' in, all stank
Everybody pullin out a bag of dank, shit in the air, so funky stank
What the hell, might as well, smoke 'em all, we can ball
Sit down playa before you fall, sesh kickin in on all of y'all
Now take it in, through the nose
Hold the smoke, let it go
If ya choke, then you know, that's that, sell some mo'
Fill up the weed pipe, keep all the seeds tight
Do one hit it, mine does always keep me high,

Gimme that green hella green, or that reefer cheba
Let me show you how we, put 'em up, put 'em up, get a little high
Gotta go get dank, stop at the liquor store, get dat drank
Don't forget yo blunts, and yo razor
Tell yo folks you were high, let 'em later, don't wanna save a
Split the blunt, dump the tobacco, leave the paper, then put in the weed
Roll it up, then grab yo lighter, ain't no way you can get no higher
Take it from me, I smoke everyday, ridin' away, gotta cheap that hay
By the road, yes here that's right, gettin' fucked up (that's riiight!)
Just an average day in ma hood, in the wood, baby liquors all good
Comin' straight from the ATL, DC that's what we all grill
Blow a gun, shoot smoke in the air
Pour some liquor, for your niece who ain't there
Gotta get this shit crunked up, sittin' around, just gettin' fucked up, yup

Mary Jane, is my, everythang, And I, think I love her, more than a lady
She'll never kick me out the door, or try to play me
I guess that that's the reason, she my muthafuckin baby
Only thing can stop my from dyin' with her is GOD
I don't know bout YOU, but I know bout ME
Yes INDEED, imma smoke WEED
All we do is smoke weed, get it till we see or call the weed man
I love that shit with no seeds in it, shit that have purple leaves in it
Shit that smell like outdoor, but we call that shit indoor
I grow, purple, we don't fuck with it
If yo weed got seeds in it, you can keep that shit
'Cause I'm a hella reefer choka, big weed smoka
'Cause nigga we smoke that quick green, that shit that we call collard green, yep

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  • Ying Yang Twins - Collard Greens

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