Murs - Varsity Blues (2002)

County Blues


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Hey mom...
They got me down at the substation
And this punk ass ? right here is testing my patience
Naw mama don't cry, 'cause it's not that serious
I'm drunk and I'm tired and I'm a little bit delirious
But other than that, I'm gonna be O.K
It's just a misdemeanor running overnight stay
Anyway I had to call 'cause you're the only person I can count on
Not to ? to make sure I don't get caught up ? out the County Jail
Nah I don't need bail. I'll be out tomorrow morning
That's if when they run my name they don't come up with no warrants
Nah, ain't do nothing. But you know how they do
They could make something, if they really wanted to
So... What I need from you is to be at the Inglewood court about two
That's when the judge will hear my case
It'll really do me good to, you know, see your face
But since I don't have a whole lot of time to waste
Let me apologize for being a disgrace
Next for the stress and calling you so late
Please know this is a call that I never wished to make
I tried to avoid it
All throughtout my youth I did my dirt smart
That way I stayed aloof to the system and its prisons
Always made the right decisions
You know, weed not crack, Krylon not gats. It was that type of logic
That kept me out the trap, I could of just snapped
Like the rest that went crazy but that's not in my nature
And not how you raised me. I felt I owed you better
Than a couple Saturday visits, some jailhouse flicks and some poorly written letters
Plus we had a little cheddar that you worked so hard for
Why would I risk it all for just to act hardcore
That's why you won't believe why they threw in me in the car for
Not for drunk driving. Fighting or no drug sit
Mom they locked me in the jail cell for pissing in public

(Hook: Repeat 6x)
Mamma put your house up, So I can bounce up
Out this motherfucker, that's why I love ya

I love ya

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  • Murs - County Blues

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