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Have you felt the weight of your own bones
Dragging you down as you face the day?
For so many ages you've turned them stones
Trying to be a fool instead of a sage.

Oh yah but now you got this feeling
Is like all we children are lost.
To afraid to pay any cost.

Have you read all the words in the unwritten tomes?
Scratched into the pages of your reflected face?
Can you wash off the dirt from the years on the road?
Preaching all the virtues of going insane?

Oh yah well you got this feeling
Like all we children are lost
Dying like sparrows in frost.

Well you wake the world up, and you got their attention
Have you really got something to say about it?
Cat got your tongue now has it?
Have you got the drugs to free it?
Well have you really got anything to say?
I doubt it.

Gotta bring it all back somehow

I believe it.
Yah I'll believe it

We all need it.
We all need it

There is a gaping hole inside of me.
That I just keep pouring whiskey in,
But it's not filling.

Though the ancient days of wine and song
Are to far gone to ever come back now.
Your hopes have been fading for so long
Of bringing all the madness back somehow,

Oh yah but now you got this feeling
All we children are lost.
Dying like sparrows in frost.

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