Tigerman Woah! - Up South Vol. II (2013)



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Song lyrics Tigerman Woah! - Dirt

Let me warn you don't be fooled into playing a rich man's game
You roll that dice and you could lose just who you are and from where you came
Everything they got they stole off our backs and out our dirt
But the good book tells us the future's sweet for the salt of the earth
You gotta know your roots won't grow deep into a rich man's heart
Hard as a rock it don't break or give in to much at all
Don't ya try to find your way into a rich man's arms
Along the way you're gonna lose from where ya came and who you are
The lands shown ya that your roots won't grow deep where there ain't good dirt
And momma told ya don't you trust no man that ain't been hurt
They're gonna tell ya just to march your way into the rich man's jaws
But them teeth are gonna crush from where ya come and who you are
Factory's lay off don't you set all your roots down in shifting dirt
And daddy told ya don't you hold no hands that never worked
Momma warned ya don't you trust no heart that ain't been torn
And daddy told ya don't you kiss no lips that never sworn
The scripture says the futures bright for us the wretched of the earth
So let's take off our boots and plant our roots in this rich red dirt

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  • Tigerman Woah! - Dirt

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