Murs - ....The End Of The Beginning (2003)

Done Deal


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(Feat. 3MG)

It's the end of the beginning
So I thought it only right that I bring along the
Motherfuckers I started this shit with
2003MG Melancholy Gypsys
MURS, Scarub, Eligh

To do it right in life is just an angle breakin'
Make or break myself in the matter of moments under discretion
With lessons upon the forefront, My life is in the breeze
Makin' my knees squeak beggin' my soul to please speak
Universal guides then listen, trouble sometimes blister my vision
But I've enlisted my mind for the full mission
Not bullshittin' on a stoop with a stool pigeon
Talkin' about "What'chu gonna do in the future?"
"Movin' up the ladder with ass kissin'."
I'm on my last mission in life
Dumping through the middle grounds like a junkyard dog in a prowl
Guarding my bow throwin' in the towel when it's right
Until then I'm walking towards the light with my sword drawn from a fight
Doing everything bad that happens has an opposite reaction
Keep my feet on traction, until my goals in life are right in front of my face
And I can smell, touch and taste what I've been workin' for
I'll be walkin' out the front door

It's a done deal, do it till it's done
'Cause the movement don't stop till the rising sun
It's a done deal, let's have a little fun
'Cause the movement don't stop till the rising sun

I'm talking done deal, closed case
Ain't no time for looking back on the road you take
You gotta claim your spot, nobody hold your place
Ain't no time to preach about time you chose to waste
You gotta mold your fate, hold your weight
All my peoples NY to the Golden Gate
Who know the rap about the breed and the gold is fake
How we all supposed to eat when they want the whole cake?
Niggas want all the dough, but never learn to bake
So they rise too fast and they burn the plate
But I'm concerned with fate, and watch the turns I take
Know this world is affected by the moves you make
So I ain't gotta stop moving just to prove you fake
Just spit these real raps to get this real estate
So I can steal your fanbase and steal your date
Won't have a soul mate until I meet my soul mate

It's like I'm type of walking towards heaven through hell
Everyday it's something new, I'll make it through; so many fell off
Whoever knew it cost so much to clutch a dream
In between the thumb and the index lies a small space for mistakes
The indication for almost
Sometimes you hold it until you face to magnify how
Close you came in life to something
That you measure up to
I know that pain like my enemy
Slap my ass when I'm born, and will hold my hand when it's the end of me
The lessons learned in between these two extremes feed me energy
I keep it moving with the force of a crane
Where the steel ball's just swinging at the end
All it takes is one pen to tap these words out like
Morse code over your eardrums
To speak to your spirit
Intoxicate you with my speech to crash crew like drunk driving
Whether it be freestyling or stage diving I float over these weak rappers
Like volcanic islands, I got a fire in me

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