Tigerman Woah! - Do It All Again (2018)

Factory Boys


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I worked in a factory in Ohio
'Fore I got fired and left for rehab
Brother told me he'd missed the birth of his first child
With a hooker blowing lines in a bathroom stall
Said he had fourteen DUIs, first one at eight years old
I was working in a factory, and before that factory closed
We'd smoke through breaks, drinking coffee
Telling stories no one should've told
I worked in a factory in Massachusetts
Didn't get fired, 'cause I agreed to rehab
People sat around in Utah drinking coffee
Spinning hard luck stories, I didn't care to know
Now retired from the factory in Ohio
Says he got no need for rehab
His brothers they're all dead from cancer
Tommy don't have too far to fall
Heard he had his last DUI
But he don't gotta drive no more

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  • Tigerman Woah! - Factory Boys

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