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Oh oh

(Beat boxing)

Oh oh

Say it don't really matter what your boss got to say
He can't make ya mad, see it's payday.
You got double overtime ain't nothin' on your mind
Time to recline hit the club we gone rock

'Cause it's Friday
Oh oh

Ain't no sweat, gimme my check
Look my best, better then the rest

All the girls want it...

Ride through the hood in a chevy now
The south got it good.
The bass gon' vibrate in the trunk
The funk gone make the party hop.

It's Friday it's payday
Everything gone go my way today
Everybody gonna hear what I got to say
I'm out this bitch till Monday.

I'm off the clock
I'm turning the block
The club is the place where the party gone rock

You been working all week didn't get much sleep
Now today's the last day time to go play
Get your check get out that bitch
You know where to go to get crunk with it
In the club, get your drink on
Hit the dance floor, get your crank on
Party over here, crunk over there
Everybody hands in the motherfucking air
But, you're feelin' good
You ain't on the clock so it's all good
You have you a ball
You with your dogs
And the club packed from wall to wall

You just got paid
It's Friday night
Hit the mall get fresh
Hittin the club tonight
Damn I'm right
In here till it's time to end
And Saturday I'll be back again
It the weekend baby
Have a blast
You through with your drink
Have another glass
Get your ass on the dance floor
Have some fun
You in the middle on the crowd nigga burn you one.

They drinkin'
They thinkin'
The weekend last forever
But when you leave the club you better pull yourself together
While you sippin and tippin'
You need to check your ride
Cause you you don't wanna get outside and catch a DUI

*Pull Over*
Fridays usually lead to high volumes of
Drinking, smoking, and partying
Please have a designated driver.

It's the last day of work
It's the day of work
Everybody go bizzurk!
(Fades out)

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