Ikillya - Recon (2011)



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If only life could be this simple
I awaken the antihero
And rise to the un-occasion
Godfather of nothing am I, I, I, I
Bastard child of this fermentation
Left rotting on this vine
Life left hanging in the balance
Time left disregarded

Only one world exists
And I will dominate

My, my eyes they're god-size
My will, will never compromise

My soul it lives outside this bottle
And my spirit will always survive
And if I have breath left in these lungs
I will conquer all who dare defy, I, I, I
Alone I find my greatest strength
Weight of the world this diamond makes
Present me the challenge I will thrive
Only one world exists and I will dominate

Simplicity exalted still
This solitude only strengthens my will

My, my eyes, my eyes
My, oh they're, they're godsize

This bottle this companion thrill
These pills this resistance

Spread the pressure
Spread the pain
This revolving room
This repeating strain

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  • Ikillya - Godsize

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