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A puzzled boy concludes
As he looks at himself
His warn skin is blistered
From picking up the scraps
From the ticks in his hands
To the scars on his feet
His simple needs are few
And he'd do anything

Oh little puzzled boy be brave
'Cause little sister's lungs burn and ache
Her tears overcome her smile
It's hard to sleep at night
Can he ever save her life?
Maybe if he works hard enough

Believe it or not there's hope
Believe it or not there's hope
Based on the truth ignorance is no excuse
There is hope

The little pride he has
He tries to set apart
No don't mention hunger
'Cause it breaks mother's heart
Don't move little sister
No don't say a word
Her breathes becomes shorter
It aches and it burns

Oh little puzzled boy be strong
Tonight's another night gone wrong
As she fights for her life
She finally falls asleep
He says a secret prayer
Can anybody save a life?

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  • Manic Drive - Hope

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