The Icons - Mom, We Like It Here On Earth (1994)

If You Were Dying


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Song lyrics The Icons - If You Were Dying

If you were dying
I would love you even more
If you were crying
I would kiss you even more

Why is it that you think I will leave?
I don't understand
Why can't you put your trust in me?
I will stay with you forever
I will stay with you like cancer

Don't you remember that day in the park?
How I loved you
How I loved you
You were lost lonely naked and pure
You were naked
And I kissed you
We made love in the tall green grass by the sandbox
Inside of you
The children watched giggling
The children watched giggling
How I loved you

If your brain was rotting Id ask for advice
That would be nice
Id visit you by your bedside
I would hold you
I would hold you
And when you were dead I would cry more than any other
Even your mother and father
Hard to imagine Id love you even more
Even more even more even

The grasshoppers played you a sweet sweet tune
The planets were swirling in respect of you
The birds were singing in the sky
I was so happy but I felt like crying
And God knelt down and patted me on the head
And he said
He said

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  • The Icons - If You Were Dying

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