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I'm Innocent


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Song lyrics Murs - I'm Innocent

What up though? It's Murs and, it seems like nobody's trying man.
There's kids dying in Sudan and nobody cares man.
At least I'm trying, man.
Look, don't ever let the fact that you can't be perfect,
Stop you from doing your best.
Murs for President.

Unless we try, the innocent will die
You can't close your eyes, keep living in a lie
Look, we not helpless
We not hopeless
Said a prayer for the homie, locked up and wrote this
He got to get out and change his ways
While I'm looking for a way to explain these days
It's trying time
I'm trying to rhyme
But so many fascinated with this life of crime, hah

Look, I'm dying to be different
Down to die to make a difference
Music for the movement with a message upliftin'
Went from set-trippin' to trips around the world
Opportunities are oysters, you might find a pearl
You can't be scared to take that chance
'Cause if you rather knock twice then you late for the dance
You gotta, move with urgency, assert with certainty
Ask me if I'm set to serve, I say, "Certainly"

Higher than the kite, I'm high off life
At the height of my career, a high priest on mics
I'm anti-thug and anti-drugs
Brought peace to the party and got anti-love
But haters so antiquated, I anticipated
Accepted it internally, had 9th interpolate it
He chopped it up and laid it in a session and he played it
I wrote, recorded to it, now look what we created

A hot mess
I'm hot off the press
You yesterday's news, dude you just not fresh
You cold coffee, you wet cigarettes
I'm a shot of espresso and hot morning sex
Early to rise and the last to fall
The best thing for black youths since the basketball
Word to Kurtis Blow, you gotta know +The Breaks+
And if you don't know your history, I know your fate

Uh, look
Been here a minute, be around a while longer
Every rhyme invented, my style got stronger
Grayskull Power when I spray soul showers
While you battle rap cats, just lay low cowards
Oh, you mad 'cause I'm stylin' on you
Love songs one minute, then I'm wildin' on you
That's +The Pain+ you gotta +Love And Appreciate+
I'm a +Bad Man+, you +Silly Girls+ need to get it straight

Small guys, denying this is my world
Your girlfriend call herself a +Dark-Skinned White Girl+
Got a 9th beat
Man come on
He hear me in the sample before he even through the drum on
Run-on sentence
I'm the best period
He pull the track out, I'll black out I'm not hearing it
Nada, nothing, the negative zone
And if you can't do better, you should let it alone

I want it more than you
I want it, I want it right now
I'm wanted in 48 states for this style
It's sicker than syringes, streamlined with strychnine
Vegan diet, healthy heart and soul with a sick mind
Inclined to flip split minds when I spit rhymes
So go ahead kick yours, hope I don't kick mine
At 50-yard line against the wind through the uprights
While you just choke and can't win cause you uptight

He came to the game with two MCs
Back when people said you can't make beats on PCs
Internet haters, major labels be damned
Soon produced the full-blown +Threat+ for the man
Now his phone blowin' up, he can't hold it in his hand
A few months back them fools didn't understand
Now it's Mary J and Erykah, Jean Grey, etc
The name 9th Wonder and he crushin' all competitors

I cross-train, toss brain fuel on hot tracks
Burn in intelligent infernos, you got that?
I speak clear like the sample is in triplicates
Get every crooked cop in Los Angeles to handle this
Insane, inspired, insider street analyst
Questioning authority who don't know what the answer is
The voice is proof the choice of the youth
Forensic evidence say the boy is the truth

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