Ikillya - Recon (2011)

Jet Fuel Genetic


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Feels like I'm walking
On someone else's planet
Oh I look at your life and
I just don't understand it
My cells evolved at birth
My breath, my soul kinetic
Blood burning in my veins
By my, by my very nature I am

And I want to die as intensely
As the life that has defined me
I bleed and burn therefore I am
Jet fuel genetic

I am, oh the I am
I am, oh Iscariot
Ego Eimi, Ego Eimi, Ego Eimi
Eimi, Eimi, Eimi, Eimi

And I won't deny the lack of
Respect I've been known to have for you
And it's just my reflexive reaction
To the hell your species put me through
And as if, oh the truth
Would somehow take your breath away
You never have
You never will wish to
Fathom the depth of the demon in me
Demon in me

I am, the I am
I am

I am, the I am
I am, Jet Fuel Genetic

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  • Ikillya - Jet Fuel Genetic

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