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Song lyrics David Soul - Kristofer David

Kristofer David went walking one day
On a grassy knoll underneath the sun
He skipped through the carpet of daffodils and daisies
Lookin' for the ladybug of love
He met Spencer the spider, dressed all in black
Weaving his web of sorrow
"Have you seen the ladybug of love?"
"My web grumbled in and would not hold her"

Kristofer David went running on his way
He left Spencer dangling by a thread
He played with the branches of the trees bending gracefully
In the frisky spring-time wind
He found Selma the snail, hiding in a shell
And asked her if the ladybug was with her
"No" came a tiny voice shyly from within
"I'm only having tea with myself"

Kristofer David left Selma sadly slipping
Trough a field of blue-forget-me-nots
Then off to the quiet pond beyond the four-leaved-clover
Maybe there he'd find the ladybug of love
Just then Willard the wasp came swooping through the air
He bullied everybody with his stinger
"Have you seen the ladybug of love?"
"Love? Now baby don't you know that love can really sting you?"

Kristofer David left Willard preening proudly
There were the gold narcissus grow
He leaped over sticks and stones leading down a dusty road
Still lookin' for the ladybug of love
He met Gurdy the grasshopper, the biggest mouth around
Boring everybody with her gossip
"I've just seen that so called ladybug
Spreading her love much to freely"

Kristofer David left Gurdy green with envy
'Cause the ladybug had love that she had not
Then he heard a small voice giggling
And looked upon his shoulder
There sat the ladybug of love
That's when he knew she'd been with him all the time
'Cause love's with you anywhere you go
Then Kristofer David and the ladybug
Sailed off on a cloud made of love

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