Floater - Alter (2002)

Long Gone


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Song lyrics Floater - Long Gone

Feel the light upon me looking in the window.
Feel the warmth of our innocence fade away.
As the pleasures we seek run so go our virtues.
Don't call it love, don't call it hate,
It's just this moment between you and I.
Long gone,
Long gone

While we were looking for comfort,
We let everything fall to pieces.
And in my naiveté
I threw your childhood away.


We look for the thrill that's perfect until
The taste of the act has a lasting impact.
Yah watching through the window,
But I never know why
Somebody gave you something
That just can't be denied and it's

Long gone,
Those days,
Long gone,
Those days.

Well, now that we've played with the blade, yah
We've learned that it cuts going both ways.

So we raise the flag of bitter surrender... were not alone
And I know that I will always remember
The other voice on the phone.

Feel the light upon me looking in the window
No don't call it love, don't call it hate
It's just a moment between you and I

Oh No

(Ever seen a sheep in a slaughterhouse? He's scared,
Panicked. So he huddles with the rest of the flock,
Moving when they move. He's a good little sheep just
Keeping out of trouble, keeping out of the way.
Suddenly a gate opens, and it's a way out, he's
Running down a long passage, because to the sheep it
Looks like freedom, but...)

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