Murs - Walk Like A Man (2005)

Love Is A Pimp


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Song lyrics Murs - Love Is A Pimp

Man shut the fuck up!
It wasn't till like 1997 that you stopped tryin' to be Prince
Whassup man? Why you look all upset all the time?
Oh, it's like huh
To be honest I kinda respect
The way that you be walkin' around all stupid like that

And with a Sean Daly type of obsession for women
He starts off to the sunset on his sins
And he looks to the sky past the blue in the clouds
And says, "Damn God tell me you ain't proud"
Everybody's talkin' 'bout the end of the world
Like everybody wanna make friends with my girl
I guess y'all got bored with the good old days
Like there ever really was any anyways
Don't ever close your eyes unless you're tryin' to sleep
But you never fall asleep unless you count some sheep
And them sheep don't baa unless you fuck them raw
So shut your mouth and pretend that you're deep deep
How deep? Deeper than her panties
Deeper than the pile of steering fluid in the antifreeze
And I'll be damned if she survives the trip
Second guessin each breath that rides her lips
I'm tryin' to drive the shit, only alive
To fit inside of her hips, it's time for a sip
Fibers of the mind rip into fine strips
Of life and love while I was tryin' to get a grip

(Chorus: repeat 4X)
Get a grip and, let it live man
Life is a bitch and love is a pimp

Unfocused this, broken chips
Swollen tits, solo trips
Vocal glitch, I know it's so sick
But you're still caught up in that loco bitch
Crippin, on that other level mentioned
Flippin, become the center of attention
Sniffin, now let's begin the intervention
Skip it - kill myself and be a legend
In my own brain head stains red like the flame spread
All for the jealousy sleepin' in the same bed
Off with the head, cops came with the aim said
Off with the led, clouds came and the rain bled
"Shut the fuck up!" Why you wanna lie to a believer?
Stop the voices inside of my receiver
Get a grip on that bottle of fever
And quit actin' like you live in a theater; bitch

Love is a lot like a buzz
When the buzz gets strong it can spawn hallucinations
It can roll into a permanent vacation
Or it can crash just to land your ass on the pavement
Love is a lot like an ego
When it's up it can let people down
And when it's lost they wanna see it found
But when it grows everybody wanna toss it around
Love is a lot like death
It can change the way that you see
To shine in lu-cids of findin pu-ssy
To sign a new lease to life is too cheap
So hide the money, you never knew me
So spike the honey, I wish that you'd leave
I'm dyin' to breathe, the fight is too sweet
I'd like to go free, I'll cry you to sleep - get a grip!

Muscles twitch, faucet drips
The engine quits, transmission slips
The fate eclipse, the record skips
Don't slit your wrists, peace to Mr. Dibbs

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  • Murs - Love Is A Pimp

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