Owain Phyfe - Sweet Was The Song (1995)

Ma Belle Si Ton Ame


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Song lyrics Owain Phyfe - Ma Belle Si Ton Ame

Ma belle si ton ame
Se sent or allumer
De cette douce flame
Qui nous force d'aymer,
Allons contans,
Allons sur la verdure,
Allons tandis que dure
Nostre jeune printemps.

Avant que la journee
De nostre age qui fuit
Se sent environee
Des ombres de la nuit,
Prenons loysir
De vivre nostre vie
Et sans craindre l'envie
Baisons nous a plaisir.

Du soleil la lumiere
Sur le soir se desteint,
Puis a l'aube premiere
Elle reprend son teint.
Mais nostre jour,
Quant une foys il tombe,
Demeure sous la tombe,
Y faisant long sejour.

Ca, finette affinee
Ca, rompons le destin,
Qui clot nostre journee
Souvent des le matin.

Song translation Owain Phyfe - Ma Belle Si Ton Ame into English

My beautiful if your soul
Feels to light up
Of this sweet flame
Who forces us to love,
Come on contans,
Let's go to the greenery,
Come on while lasts
Our young spring.

Before the day
From our fleeing age
Feels surrounded
Shadows of the night,
Let's take loysir
To live our life
And without fear of envy
Let's have fun.

From the sun to the light
The evening fades away,
Then at dawn premiere
She regains her complexion.
But our day,
When a child falls,
Remain under the grave,
Staying there for a long time.

This, refined finette
This, let's break fate,
Which ends our day
Often in the morning.

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  • Owain Phyfe - Ma Belle Si Ton Ame

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