Ikillya - War For An Idea (2017)



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These bridges will burn
Lighting this path into the distance
Both a homage to those who have inspired us
And hopefully inspiration to any of you listening now

Entire races are fighting just to live equally
And be ignored by opportunist oligarchs

One third of the population faces death daily
From guns, gods or just a lack of water

One third of women worldwide face violence
Because they are the fairer sex
And insecure little men can't handle it

In the grand scheme of things
What have we done?
What can we do?
I don't know that there is a simple answer to that
But I can promise we will never quit asking
If you see me, ask

For now
May the bridges we burn light your way
We've burnt a few
Following those who've stood taller than us
Those who sacrificed more than we needed to
Those who fought harder than we had to
And we will burn more
Every single one we have to

Let us educate, inform, inspire each other
Hold each other's feet to this fire
These bridges will burn
Let's make sure they're worth it

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  • Ikillya - Manifesto

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