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(Movie quote: El Espinazo del Diablo (eng: The Devil's Backbone))
¿Qué es un fantasma?
Un evento terrible, condenado a
Repetirse una y otra vez.
Un instante de dolor, quizá.
Algo muerto, que por momentos
Parece vivo aún.
Un sentimiento suspendido en el tiempo.

(Vinnie Paz)
Yeah, Jedi Mind baby, como esto
Vinnie Paz, Vinnie got real, yeah yeah...

I'm like Mussolini, I rule with a iron fist
I stab you in the bladder with a dagger and watch you die in piss
Cut inside your wrist, drink the bloodmoney
And your face is the perfect place for a slug, money
You ain't a thug money, you all maggots
You like to chill and hold hands with faggots
You like to conduct yourself like a savage
You like the smell of males on your mattress
Cause that's established, I fuckin' hate you
I hate your mother and father, because they made you
I hate the universe, because it create you
I hate everyone and anything that embrace you
Who fuckin' raised you? You a fuckin' disgrace!
And if you come around my way you get bucked in the face
Gettin' snuffed in the face, then I wack you
With razors, nines, guns and what have you

(Vinnie Paz)
I'm Ayatollah Khomeini, I love to wage war
I love anybody who rhymes and stay raw
I love getting my rhymes in chainstores
I love splitting you mind with chainsaws
My thought-process is down in the fuckin' Lochness
Knock a motherfucker unconscious!
'Cause I don't give a fuck if you a man or a beast
I handle my beef, tellin' Stoupe "hand me the heat"
Hand me the piece, and let me buck with their head
We sicker than necrophiliacs fuckin' the dead
Buck 'em instead, and leave 'em to rot
Let their body flow down the river, and what not
When shit pop, I greet beef with a smile
'Cause I ain't punched a faggot in his teeth in a while
But meanwhile we just tryin' to shine
Tryin' to get mine, try to get a grip for my mom

(Vinnie Paz)
I see you lookin' at me sideways daddy, that's your first mistake
Die at the cross for Christ, baby burn at the stake
You learnin' too late
You too concerned with the fake
Too concerned with the law, that's why you turned into jake
You turned into snake, but I expected that
I'd like to get a fuckin' noose and put your neck in that
To me it's like the sound of music when your neck will crack
And now you temptin' me to bring the doctor Jekyll back
Now that we settled that, it's like a war now
And Vinnie Paz 'bout the kick the fuckin' door down
Cause Jedi Mind Tricks is goin' for it all now
It's like the calm before the storm now
But y'all know it's about to get ugly
Dirty rhymes, dirty beats, it's all muddy
For 12 long years, Jedi Mind we stay cruddy
As long as y'all showin' us love it's all lovely

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