Murs - F'Real (1997)

Nites Like This


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Song lyrics Murs - Nites Like This

How do you say shut-up in japanesse
Navade, navade motherfuckers

Tracks like this
I wish that I could do it all over
But then again
You always make the better call
When you Sober Hung-over
Thinking what the fuck was gong on
The show went on late
And of course the sound
Didn't sound shit
Like when we checked it at eight
But it was all great
Even though most rap crews
Would have beat the sound
Then ask later
We the types that would kick the monoters
Off stage Just cause fools be on faders
You know the type of night
When don't a damn thing go right
And every broad your talking to
Wanna be at the club on the same night
Man life be fuckin' with a nigga
I sware
But askin why me
Would only draw my ass crazy
So I try not to go there
Fuck it just charge it to the game
Sick of niggas not trying to buy a tape
Sware they're larger than the game
But nigga you ain't no better
Wearin that tommy hill
Like it's your Muthafuckin varsity letter
You ain't earned it
Your momma bought it
Now you trying to floss it
But that can cost you your life
Oh that's right
You from the suburbs
Only in the hood for the night
What about them nights
You was on your way to the spot
Got lost
Put up in the lot
Found out the club was over (DAMN)
And to top it all off
Everybody in the car was still sober
Man that shit be addin up
Have you in the car ride home
Mad as fuck
Oh what about them times
You took a bus to the spot
Got stuck looked up
And none of the homies
Was inside (DAMN)
So you shit out of luck
All them times
You were in the middle of the floor dancing
Then had to duck
Because some stupid muthafuckers
Decided it was time
To shoot the party up
Man y'all know whussup
With all them wack nights you've had
But remember it can always worse
When you think it's all bad
Nights like this
Got me tryin' to put my piss through brick walls
Wish I was that bitch
From out of this world
Put my fingers together
To make this shit pause
And freak things to go my way
For once
Were movin all individuals
Who front like them gold caps

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