Fascinating Aïda - A Load Of Old Sequins (1987)

Radiating Love


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Song lyrics Fascinating Aïda - Radiating Love

Darling when you're sleeping, my name I hear you call out
Then you turn to me and hold me very near
But I can't help wondering what happens after fallout
Will you still love me, dear?

Would you love me at all if I lost all my hair?
Would you still hold my hand if my skin wasn't there?
For I can't help but think you won't find me attractive
When the isotopes render me radioactive

Will you whisper the sweet words I so long to hear
In the hole that denotes where I once had an ear?
When I'm gaunt and exhausted, unable to crawl
Will you love me then at all?

When I'm covered in sores, would your love linger on?
Would you still like my smile when my teeth are all gone?
When you hold me so close in a tender embrace
When I'm sprouting a cancerous growth on my face

When these eyes you have loved gently melt down my cheek
When the retching and vomiting leave me too weak
Will you still feel a thrill at the sound of my name?
Yes you will, for you'll be the same

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  • Fascinating Aïda - Radiating Love

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