Tigerman Woah! - Up South Vol. II (2013)



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Song lyrics Tigerman Woah! - Rat

There's a rat
Whoa a dirty fucking rat
Heard a rat been creeping around,
The neighborhood
So we been baiting up the traps,
Snap snap snap
Watch it seize him, look it squeeze 'em, while I tease him
Want him in my trap
Ya there's poison under the sink
Ya there's poison under the sink
I'm gonna fix Brandon Darby a mighty strong drink
Ah ya lips!
Ya your lips are mighty loose
And every yap out your jaw just tightens up the five-o's noose
While we been fighting for our breath
Cough cough cough
Ya coulda quit or raised your crit, but you snitched boy
It's time to cut ya loose
There's a hatchet in my shed
Ya there's a hatchet in my shed
They gonna find your body boy without your head
Now he's a pig, been doin' the work of a rat
He was hiding as a lamb led us to slaughter
Thinks he can just walk on back
Oh Darby, ya really think you'd get away with that?
Bap bap bap bap bap bap bap bap bap
I wanna bleed 'em, guts I need 'em, ya I wanna him dead in my trap
I know you know how to run
Ya I know you know how to swim boy
But do you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna find you!
I hope you can run
'Bout as fast as you ran to the FBI
You better run

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  • Tigerman Woah! - Rat

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