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Song lyrics Ikillya - Razorblades

I, I live not to die
I'm dying to rise

And this is for all of you
All of you searching the sky
Searching the sky for a sign
Believing you're not
You're not alone

I am living proof
Of the ability to fight fate
So put your eyes to the skies
And remember that their words
Their words are only lies
Keeping you from breaking your ties
Don't be the one who never tries

And regret (regret) is only the result
Of falling prey
To fear of losing comfort
And your life is better than you know
These razorblades are not your only hope

Yes I know
Yes I know what it's like
What it's like to curse those skies
Living trapped
Trapped behind the jail
The jail in their eyes
All those nights I spent screaming
At my speakers, at my walls
Now in your speaker I realize
I am just like you
Screaming at the future
Screaming for that better life
You know you were meant for

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  • Ikillya - Razorblades

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