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Song lyrics Tigerman Woah! - River

I'm gonna take my sins to the river, boy
Less the rain comes to wash them away
Breadcrumbs they float down the water
And the rivers gonna make me clean
Watch that muddy river risin'
Flood waters ain't gonna drain
Drownin' my trees and my berries
Water rise to take me away
I'm gonna bury my sins by the river
It's so easy to dig in the mud
Old boxes been tied up with watch chains
Let the river rise to make me clean
Now I'll take my sins to the river
No time to wait for the rain
Takin' my sins to the river, boy
Muddy water gonna wash off the stain
Well I'll share the sins of my brother
I know he'd do the same for me
There's no boats out on the river today
Just breadcrumbs floatin' down the stream
I'm gon' take my sins to the river
As much water as its pesticide
From farms up on past the levee
Clean them bones with the rising tide
Ain't no more bank to the river
Just flood as far as you can see
Dig out my shotgun and a box of 30-ought shells
Ain't gonna wait for what might be
'Cause I buried my sins by the river
Dug down 6 feet in the mud
I took my sins to the river
For the water to carry the crumbs

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  • Tigerman Woah! - River

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