Tigerman Woah! - Tigerman Woah! (2016)

Sea Legs


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Song lyrics Tigerman Woah! - Sea Legs

I caught my meal by the grace of the rod
I slung that line right off the dock
Well that sheepshead they love crab you see
Put 'em on a bobber keep it out the weeds
Barnacle tooth they squish that crab
Hooked by the jaw I drag 'em in
We get a little loud out on the pond
It's a long day 'fore the work is done
In my boat I ain't got no thought
I love the way my body rock
Get a sea bass on the Saugus Riv
Set my drag with a touch of give
Time goes fast out here ya see
A nap will be the death of me
Can't get out that river no more
Low tide turned the sea to shore
Wait 12 hours till the tide come in
Or wade through the mud with a pint of gin?
There ain't no hope for me no more
That mud like cement to the sea floor
Shoulda kept my radio right by me
Keep my radio right by me
Somebody help me out call channel 16

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  • Tigerman Woah! - Sea Legs

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