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Square 4


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Science is for the birds
Science is sewage
Science is more than words
Science is baseball
Science is love
Science is all of the above

Some people and their kids like to talk with their anus
Their ?????? and operations were painless
I can't see where they're coming from with night-vision goggles
The kind of blind ignorance that boggles the mind
And I'm for sure not feeling them because they're so dull
And pointless sexual deviance and joints this flexible
Don't go together like acids and bases
Even without the thick glasses and brasses
Everyone can join a scientific community
The sound of silence if it's in unity
Can be just as deafening as an experience
So keep your mouth closed and think of it as an experiment
Try to avoid using words like "intelligent"
"Original" or "scientific" cause they are irrelevant
If you don't submit the proof to reinforce
You'll have to settle for a dean of course

Science is fashion
Science is spaceships
Science is fiction
Science is relationships
Science is sunsets
Science is love
Science is all of the above

Give me all you got and I'll ask for more again
The furthest part from the origin is the origin
Birth and death is passage through the same portal
Hope condoling for the immortal soul
Revolving doors four revolving cores in essences
Relaying messages and teaching lessons
I'm here to draw the curtains and to give directions
Offer a few choices and make a few selections of my own
This game is such a gas
That kid wears a T-shirt that says "a touch of class"
Running around with a mic in his hand
Money to spend and is liked by the fans
Praises the Almighty and plays by rules
But his dog-shit ???? was raised by wolves
And even though he comes from a different income-group
It's not hard to tell that he's a nincompoop

Science is Fine Art
Science is Reckless
Science is sickness
Science is breakfast
Science is nothing
Science is love
Science is all of the above

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