Syntax - Meccano Mind (2004)

Strange Days


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Moves and clues we're owed our dues there's no doubt about it that all above is about wanting to live long enough

Beats and freaks my mind reaps seeds sown and grown I've blown a whole in my soul oh no blow a whole in my soul too slow

'Cause I'm prepared to delcare that everyone of these scenes only means that only one of my eyes does disguise that I'm heading for surpise no more lies and no ties

As I defend to the end I don't depend on those rules and the fools who try and tell me how to be how to see it's not me 'cause I'm free

Look at the path you're on
Out of the way of shelter
Stranger days will come
Words are over

Strange strange days I'm not crazed I'm not phased by lawas ... I am the one who deplores all war you know you got to breath not deceive

I pledge to the edge cannot censor my speech I need to teach that we are going down we're going down no sound

And the clues are clear
Don't live in fear
And the words are strong

And you need to learn
Your time has come
It's the path you're on

Look at the path you're on
Out of the way of shelter
Stranger days will come
Words are over

I create I debate I don't hate all those vibes but the lies they make me want to leave not believe in all the good misunderstood you know you should and I would

So don't show don't blow dno't be weak and don't defeat all you meet your inner intent don't relent I'm hell bent... to stay alvie

I adore my freedom's why I never wanted to try nine to five ain't ever gonna be part of this machine never will I be seen not to dream

Seasons fly they kinda make you feel old and tired try and let them make you young and wise try to let them make you breath - you're alive

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