The Icicle Works - If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song (1987)

Sweet Thursday


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Song lyrics The Icicle Works - Sweet Thursday

Spend my time running around this town
Don't know if I'm up or down
Turning my back on another blue day
Fifteen dreamers off to see the world
One by one they all return
Its hard to know just what they're after

When sweet Thursday comes
All you know will have changed
The rains will pour down
On the heartache you've found
May you never be lonely again

At twenty-four you thought you'd have it all
Now your will won't work at all
Ten years pass you by so quickly
When all your friends have left you standing still
And you can't recall the thrill
Of being wanted by another

When sweet Thursday comes
You receive what you're owed
We're tired of chasing rainbows
That fall short of reach
We can touch them when sweet Thursday comes

You're not the same girl that I used to know
Are you dying inside from this endless waiting game?

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  • The Icicle Works - Sweet Thursday

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