Murs - Walk Like A Man (2005)

That's On Me (A Tribute To 45 ACP-R.I.P.)


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Song lyrics Murs - That's On Me (A Tribute To 45 ACP-R.I.P.)

It's like nobody could fuck with us or no gang, ever
{*Steel drum music blocks out intro*}

Now when Murs hit the stage, I'm guaranteed rockin' teens
When I'm not doin' that, I'm at the pad concoctin schemes
Based on my rhyme books, 4-5 drum machines
Your crew got a few tapes, and they tried to flood the scene
But that shit was too mild, I'm that pico de gallo
Still the nigga with no car walkin' Pico with style
Till my next big check, got my own crib
So the sex is no sweat, every girl I meet
I'm tryin' to put on the set, straight beat up
Fuck some big-ass titties, give me a C-cup
And I'm a happy man, kinda cool on white girls
I mean at least have a tan, but then you never know
When there's a drink in my hand, coke and 1-5-1
Might sink where I stand, not too drunk to stand
I gotta think of my fans; one of the best live shows
In the whole rap industry is performed before us?
Not even my worst enemies'll face such tragedy
A legendary lord, defend my crown savagely
M-U-R-S, a.k.a. his majesty
Fuck this rap game and everybody tryin' to battle me

And that's on me! Niggaz stay fuckin' with my crew
Stand on the side watchin bitin everything we do
And that's on me! Ain't nobody do it like this
Rock the mic around the world with no jewels on my wrist
And that's on me! Niggaz ain't playin' in this bitch
Everybody wanna rap and they ain't sayin' shit
And that's on me! Niggaz is fuckin' up the game
Ain't nobody comin' new, everybody sound the same

"My homey's way tighter than Murs," man I'll +SERVE+ that nigga
Make him regret the day, he heard the word +RAP+ nigga
I'm mid-town's finest
One verse so dope it's guaranteed to clear your sinus
Complete so deep in the spot Stevie Wonder could find us
A dope MC, minus all the hype
You a fan of whack shit then I'm probably not the type
A man on a mission
Underground now but once my band transitions
Take notes on how we do it, give a fuck who's catchin wreck
Since I'm the one who threw it y'all don't wanna get into it
A nigga too complete
I flipped a O on thirty-six and a whole new week
From the sto's to the streets you gon' have to hear my name
Every word's bein whispered
Give me one good chance, I'm snatchin all your listeners
A vet in this game it's too late for beginners
Living Legends reign supreme, takin' out all beginners

And that's on me, and that's on me
What? And that's on me, MC, bitch
On me boy, on me what?
On me, on me, on me, double L uh

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  • Murs - That's On Me (A Tribute To 45 ACP-R.I.P.)

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