Floater - Glyph (1995)

The Knowing Dirge


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Song lyrics Floater - The Knowing Dirge

In the shadow of what's real
You dig a hole down in the sand.
Where you know you left it all,
The things that make you understand.
And guide your hand.
Then you turn with wattering eye,
To the sky in your surprise.
And the sand is your blood and the hole is so big
And you shake and you pray and you beg.
You know why.
With your watering eye,
You've got a hole inside,
Such a wretched life,
Don't look so surprised.
You know why.
You did this to yourself again.
Gunning for a bluer sky.
Swallowed the dose,
Cut your own rope,
Just to know it all.
Do you know it all?
Took down the dose,
Cut your rope,
Wanted to show yourself everything.
You ran through the wires,
Tasted the fires.
You can't feel anything at all.
Shocked by the voice again.

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  • Floater - The Knowing Dirge

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