Murs - F'Real (1997)

The Saint


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(Unknown pop record scratched in to open)
"Ready to BREAK, THE, ICE
Feels like time is standing still..."
{*Gradually slows to a stop*}

Now this fool been on my ass for the past couple years
Jumped on the scene from nowhere, takin' out all my peers
And of my whole squad I'm the last one left
Cause for some strange reason I always stay one step ahead
Of this Agent named Red
But for the life of me, I can't figure out why my ass ain't dead
And now I clear my head, as we arrive on the site
Makin' sure, all routes for escape are sealed off airtight
Thinkin' to myself, tonight's the night
'Cause I know exactly where he's going
Fuck the double-oh-seven, I'm the Living Legend
With the +Goldeneye+ holding my rifle for assault
Aimed directly at the vault
But what happened next, wasn't even my fault
You see from the rear, a strange mist appeared
Strapped on the infrared gear too late
Because soon as it came, it disappeared
And when the smoke cleared, the package was gone
My squad searched savage till dawn; then had to e-mail HQ
That the knight had just captured the pawn
We swept the crime scene but it was clean, no clues left behind
So I shot back to the hotel
Had a couple drinks, now I'm back online
Not knowin' that's where I'd find the next clue
It said Agent Blue, I'll meet you next
Where the stars are at they best and the sun rest too
So I headed due West
To the town where every night creates a new murder story
But stars at they best didn't mean Hollywood, but the observatory
So I cased the joint
Faced the point that I might not know if I was it
Came across the schedule of events
Next on the list to speak was the scientist
Set to unravel, new theories on time travel
Theories that my agency, already knew to be proven
I guess Red's clients was gonna try to stop us on the move-in
Now I know exactly what he's doin'
So the next day at the lecture
I came disgused as the staff director
Even ushered Agent Red himself down the aisle
And just had to smile 'cause he didn't even know it was me
Then I shot to the balcony where I was supposed to be
Got to the top, my heart damn near stopped
This boy left the spot
Before I could ask where did he go
I turned around lookin' down the barrel of his fo'-fo'
He was like aiyyo, just follow me down the hall
And we won't have no problems at all
So I did that, slid the gat into position
Just in case he tried to make this my last mission
Walked all the way down the hallway into an empty room
Where I assumed I'd be dead
Waited a couple of seconds, turned my head
Fool puttin' down his weapons, so I did the same
Slipped my coat off, and jumped into a stance
To let this fool know he was about to get broke off
He spoke soft, said it was to death
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, but when I opened my eyes
This fool's about to catch me by surprise
With the first series of blows
I'm up to par, I stayed on my toes
But connected with the next swing
Cut me hella deep with his ring
I looked down at his hand, damn
That's the same ones the man from the agency
Said I had around my neck when they found me
I thought he was the only one in existence
But this nigga ground me, so I held up my hand
So he could see what I saw, he stood there in awe
Dropped his guard, I took one to the jaw
But he didn't trip cause it only made us even
We stood there for a second not believin the shit
We sat down, talked for a grip, I came up on hella dirt
Found out we was brother separated at birth
By the agency especially trained to maintain
The illusion of international espionage
By holdin' up this mirage
Everybody in the Department of National Defense got rich
Now ain't that a bitch? They say we ain't got enough ends
In the budget, for public housing education and health care
So right then and there
Me and my brother about to plan to get over on the man
Went back to the agencies and played the role
But on the under strived towards one common goal
See we both contraband in foreign lands, it'll be enough
We give a fuck, we move the shit by the truck
And the scheme worked like a beauty
So after a couple years we injured ourselves in the line of duty
And of course the agencies showed us no love
But now this is the story I tell my children
On the shores of the islands we bought
From the money we came up off of... bitch~!

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