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The Silk Road


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Song lyrics Tigers On Trains - The Silk Road

So we were married on the silk road
A thousand giants throwin' rocks
And just as I pulled back your white veil you were struck
We had your funeral in the ocean
Off the coast of Mozambique
That's where you said you always wanted to live
So I said, "lay her here so she can always hear the trees calling her name"
And they'll wrap their roots so gently all around her frozen frame

So I carved you into marble
Placed you high up in the freeze
So old Heraclitus would write entire books about your glory
I gave your necklace to a poor boy
He didn't thank me he just left
And I heard your ghost playing the organ again
And I said, "play that song that echoed through the church when you were born"
But then the music stopped and I never heard another sound from you

So I was walking on the silk road
Heading home for the last time
And you were sitting waiting for me on the side
Beneath the tree
I just kept walking
I didn't see

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  • Tigers On Trains - The Silk Road

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