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Tommy came down from the mountain top to see his Ma and his Pa
Said "I've had a think about life, and I'm not up for it
I always drink when I'm with my friends
Don't want to go through this shit again"

Tommy went running round the graveyard till the dead woke up
He said "nowadays I don't seem to care even if it's dark.
Gonna grow a tree up to the sky
See the ones I love and say goodbye"

Well, I ain't a well-travelled man
Just a sometime boy who knows right from wrong
And why's the world got to be so blue?
Just want to find a beat to run to

Break out the trap and pull back the prayer palms
When the leaves begin to fall, the rest will be ready to brawl
With the bridge too far, I remember Ma and Pa
Free to roam along the long path home

See the ones I love and say goodbye

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  • Fine Excuses - Tommy

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