Murs - Rules The World (2000)

Track Four


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"Give it to you 24-7 on the microphone" - De La Soul 'Stakes Is High'
"All day, ev'day"

(Verse One)
I would like to thank everybody to comin' out to my song
If you don't know the words than nod your head and tag along
It's just a journey through some thoughts, and feelings that I had
Vibe emanated, translated to a pad
Every song can't be mad so I'ma try to keep it light
Sorta like I keep my life
You know, stress free
Smoke some cigarettes, watch some TV
Or maybe it's a porn that I rent on DVD
I'm not tryin' to be nasty, I'm just bein' real
Monday nights I watch Raw and Alley McBeal
Hit up the Golden Apple, Allen hooks me with a deal
I read Girl Scouts, Trans Metro and Invisibles
Comic help me focus when it's time to get critical
No dames to call, cause my game's just pitiful
So I sit down to write at obscene times of night
And the session don't stop util I see the first light

(Verse Two)
You see I make the sound
Underground fans love
I'm not on Soundscan, but circulatin' dubs
Is where I get my love
(I know y'all burn my shit!)
Free copies for your homies
But it's all good
Cause the love that they show me is almost better than the money
Except when I'm hungry
But even then it's chill
Cause the girl behind the counter is hookin' up the free meal
Not because I'm MURS or my MC skills
But because I have a personality that appeals
It's called a mouthpiece
When I choose to spit
No +40oz For Breakfast+ but I got the Gab Of Gift
If the situation needs it
(But like PSC's is)
But pretty damn good
Somethin' you need growin' up in my hood
I done talked myself out of a few ass whoopin's
A couple busted eyes
A lot of busted lips
And before you start to trip
Yeah, I had my share of fights
But only when there was no other option in sight
You see, I'd rather rock the mic cause it promotes a healthy body and a much longer life

(Verse Three)
Now I let it go
Till the pen gets tired
And when it takes a break, I'm freestylin' rapid fire
+Can't Hear Nothin' But The Music+
Business always Personal
The way that I do it
Now when I came into it
I was tryin' to change shit
Cause this rap business y'all...
Oh my God (You just don't know)
Is on some strange shit
So when I hit these functions, I must remain lit
Sorta like a sedative
It's so damn repetitive
"Yo what's up man, what's up?!"
They ask me, "Yo MURS is it fake?"
"Man, you bet it is."
Phony handshakes and hugs
Phony man fakin' thug
But I don't participate, I just wait to yank the plug
Grind to a halt, throw 'em in a time vault
And send them Back II The Future
So I can get McFly in the present with the presence and a real tight producer
Mum's The Word everyone
Thank you, thank you

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