Murs - Rules The World (2000)

Track Nine


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Song lyrics Murs - Track Nine

(Verse One)
For jury day dreams, reveal vivid thoughts
Once told to me by, an idiot savant
Receiving what I want and takin' what I need
Sometimes the same thing like when I wanna get drunk and I need to be keyed
Free my mind
With my body in tow
A nigga came a long way since slangin' indo
Now the only time I follow is when the music takes the lead
Been G'd
Spit some shit to say
But the G's been in my heart since placenta in my face
Pen leads
My soul across these streets
Up and down like the Richter when I'm writin' to a beat
It's your final countdown
Rapitalism 101 in the school of underground
Since we'd
Be better off without the bull
I'ma always speak my mind and no punches will be pulled
Ten G's
I would take and make a million
Underground tape hustlin', new age of drug dealin'
Man please
Take a look at what we buildin'
Underground empire, new wave of drug dealin'

You are now in the zone
Lay back and focus on the tone
Forget about the troubles and the worries that you own
You are now in the zone
Lay back and focus on the tone
Reflect on the past and the blessings that you own

(Verse Two)
I have thoughts
On how to make a change
Try to express them over beats
Proper speech mixed with slang
Then brought
To the point of no return
Ain't no time for lookin' backwards, there's a future to be earned
Been taught
To never half do my shit
So I forever give my all until my physical calls it quits
Been caught
Tellin' friends I give up
Drunk myself into depression, screamin', "I don't give a fuck."
Then shots
Were fired in my direction
Definitely helped me realize that my life is blessing
Say I ought
To keep my head out of the clouds
But I stay chasin' dreams with my head held proud
Once sought
The answers to existence
Won't know for sure until I'm gone
So I'm on another mission
Might rot
In my grave unfulfilled
But at least I did it my way
And that's livin' how I feel

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  • Murs - Track Nine

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