Murs - Walk Like A Man (2005)

Walk Like a Man


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Song lyrics Murs - Walk Like a Man

(Verse 1 - MURS)
Now I used to walk with the gun now I walk like a man
And I walk what I talk and I walk never ran
And I never say never but I mean hardly ever
And if shootin' is the solution then you're not that clever
If you don't know shit then you still know better
Human life is so precious it could never be measured
Have you ever had a load of it cock back the heat
Poppin' on the next nigga while he walkin' up the street
Trigger off safety spacin an opportunity
These niggaz wanna waste me it ain't nothing new to me
Soon as he walked by I was ready to bust
But he just posted up like he was waitin' on the bus
Now I'm all punked up with a steroid trigger
Cause most of y'all are easy just some paranoid niggaz
Used to walk with a gun but I never did use it
What's the point of holdin' heat if you ain't gon' shoot it
Stupid (*echos*)

(Verse 2 - MURS)
It was a late night sunset me and him out
Lookin' at the ladies to come up on some trim
Everybody wildin' out cause the summer's about to end
He had the hypnotic he was missin' with the hand
Of that mean green laid back with the deep lean on low pro shit
That's how we rolled on the scene
Two girls lookin' probably in they late teens
But these days you can't tell but I figured what the hell
So we yell out: Hey girl, they yell back
Maybe two in the front maybe two in the back
But they had this dark tag couldn't see through the black
We roll up ask 'em where their party at
They just start to laugh and I knew it was a trap
But I couldn't roll out cause the strip was so packed
Now I'm lookin' at this nigga in this motherfuckin' hat
Start talkin' that bullshit like we was on some bullshit
My nigga used to bang but we ain't know no thug shit
I tried to dismantle it but you know Los Angeles
This nigga kept talkin' so my boy had to handle it
He jumped out the Lex snatched the dude at his hat
I put it in park jumped out to get his back
But as I did that, I heard two shots
I turned to my right and I see my dude drop
Time stopped, coudln't believe what I seen
I was struck by reality when the two girls screamed
I saw his killer stand up put the gun in his jeans
Saw him wince from the pain as the heat burned his waist
Then he turned up the block disappeared without a trace
I remember his face but what I remember most
Was when I got to my knees and held my nigga close
And asked not to leave us in the name of Christ Jesus
But he's gone and all I got left is his blood on my sneakers

(Hook - MURS) (2X)
It was a year to this day that my best friend died
For weeks I sat alone in my room and cried
And I tried to pretend everything was fine
But my soul couldn't rest until vengeance was mine

(Verse 3 - MURS)
The day began with me standin' at his grave with his mother
His old girlfriend, his two younger brothers
We said a few words faces covered with tears
How we missed him so much and we wished he was here
Then his girl said a poem put some roses on his stone
And we said our goodbyes and they all went home
I thought I'd use this time for me and him to be alone
I broke out the Hen' poured a little out for him
Told him who was gettin' married, who had went to the pen
How the homie named his newborn son after him
But as the sun went down the talk came to an end
So I said a quick prayer... amen
And I shook in the lab plus the well wrote tracks
And I headed up saw the homie Eyezeer
I asked him what he doin' he was way out of bound
That he had a freak that lived on that side of town
He always kept the heat just in case it went down
A clown, I rolled down my window 'bout to light a ciga-
Hey! Is that that nigga that... hey give me the motherfucking gun
Man, drive around the block and post up for a minute
I hit you on the shirt hit the corner nigga bend it
Splendid now with vengeance in my grasp
I couldn't dream of a better day for me to catch his ass
Slippin while he dippin into the ride by himself
I slid up behind him in the shadows hell of stealth
He started to breakin' stuff I said I didn't want a dime
Remember what you was doin' last year at this time
He looked into my eyes with both shock and surprise
When I split his face with the Glock right before he could reply
He cried as I pressed the heat against his cheek
The I squoze two times for the homie rest in peace

(Hook - MURS)
It was a year to this day that my best friend died
For weeks I sat alone in my room and cried
And I tried to pretend everything was fine
But my soul couldn't rest until vengeance was mine
It was a year to this day that my best friend died
For weeks I sat alone in my room and cried
And I thought that's what I wanted until the problem was confronted
Now I'm haunted by remorse that I wished I hadn't done it

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