Manic Drive - Reason For Motion (2005)

Wasting Away


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Song lyrics Manic Drive - Wasting Away

I can feel it pumping through my veins
I can feel my mind is off again
I can feel it cutting through the pain
And I like it

I can't change the way things are
And I can't make you love me
And I like it, why do I like it?

Blind me I don't want o see this
Leave me I don't want your kindness
Numb me I don't want to feel it
My life is wasting away

So tell me sir with the bible in your hand
How can your God ever love this worthless man?
A man so low, who can't even love himself
With his pistol and his pills laying on the shelf

I can't save myself today
I can't change my evil ways
I can't ever be the same
And I like it, why do I like it?

You can't imagine all the pain
You can't make this go away
Please sir can you find a way
How do I like it? My life needs to change

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  • Manic Drive - Wasting Away

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